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I Need Your Input

I took a week off to visit with my mother in August and then went camping for a weekend. It was a wonderful relaxing time, but it meant that I had a 3-week marathon of editing to get ready for publishing. It was grueling, but I made it! Grimalkins Don't Purr is officially off to the proofreader. Launch day is September 23rd! To celebrate, this weekend I'm taking Maggie, my hell hound in training, to the annual puppy plunge at our local outdoor pool. Then on Sunday, my daughter and I are going to goat yoga! I love goats, and this is something I've wanted to do for a while. Can't wait! I suspect there won't be much yoga going on.



In other news, I want to do another contest to celebrate launch day for Grimalkins. However, since I live in Canada, shipping is ridiculously expensive. I would love to do several prizes, but that’s just not possible from here. Also, many people reacted to the little swag items in the last contest. So I was thinking, instead of one large prize of books and gifts, what if I did several smaller prizes? Or maybe one large prize that could ship directly from Amazon?


How to decide? Well, I thought I’d ask you! Here’s a one-question poll:

It won't take more than a minute to respond. Let me know what kind of prize pack you'd like to see next.


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If you were to participate in a new Valkyrie Bestiary contest, what kind of prize pack would you prefer?

Publishing Schedule

Lot's of stuff happening this month!

Dervishes Don’t Dance is now available as an audiobook. Click HERE to listen to a sample, narrated by Hollie Jackson and find it on your favorite audiobook retailer.

Grimalkins Don’t Purr ebook is now pre-ordering. Launch day is September 23. If you pre-order, you save $1, since the price will go up on launch day. Paperbacks will be available about the same time, but there is no pre-order for those. Click HERE to pre-order Grimalkins Don't Purr.


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