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I’ve been hiding away at our farm putting the finishing touches on Kelpies Don’t Fly. Less that 1 week until launch day! I’m even more excited for that than I am to see the snow melting! Next week I’ll have a fun deleted scene for you on launch day. This week, I have so much to share, I’m just going to get right to it. Happy March!


New Release


Critter wrangler rule #15: Always look a gift horse in the mouth. And if it has sharp teeth, never, never get on its back.


First up, Kelpies Don’t Fly, Book 5 of the Valkyrie Bestiary releases March 15! Note that I always release my new books at a pre-order discount. This is a thank you for you, my loyal readers. But the price goes up on launch day. So, be sure to order your copy soon. 


Check out Kelpies Don’t Fly and read a snippet HERE


New Prequel Paperback


 Next, I have a special treat for all the book sniffers out there. You know who you are—the ones who like the smell and feel of real paper for their books. For the first time ever, the Valkyrie Bestiary prequels have been collected into one paperback! Before Times includes: The Last Door to Underhill, The Girl Who Cried Banshee and The Half Goats Gruff. These three short tales are available separately as ebooks (find them on the Valkyrie Bestiary page).


Check out Before Times and read a snippet HERE.


Apple iBook Sale


If you’re an Apple iBooks fan, the audiobook for Three Half Goats Gruff and Dragons Don’t Eat Meat, is on sale for only $11.99 at Apple iBooks. Audiobooks are a terrific way to experience your favorite stories in a whole new way. Sale ends April 5, 2022.


Get Three Half Goats Gruff and Dragons Don’t Eat Meat at Apple iBooks HEREn


Box Set Sale


Finally, save 50{8b801c2f00c70dee476f80194d569f89f3dc7dfda8273b8c6f73329db1e697f6} on the ebook boxed set for Valkyrie Bestiary books 1-3. Only until March 14, 2022.


Get the box set HERE


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