Kim McDougall

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​Three Half Goats Gruff is included as a bonus in the Dragons Don't Eat Meat Audiobook


Three Half Goats Gruff

Valkyrie Bestiary Series, Prequel

Critter wrangling rule #4: There isn’t much you can’t kill, confuse, or disgust with a can of bug fogger.

Is he a vampire? A shifter? Something worse? Thrown together to save a middle school from an infestation of satyrs, Kyra and the mysterious Captain of the Guardians share one heart-stopping night.

Kyra Greene, pest controller of fantastic beasts, takes on a rock troll and meets the man who will haunt her dreams for the next three-hundred and twenty-one nights. 
Come sing around the campfire with satyrs and discover how Kyra found one little lost cephalopod.

Three Half Goats Gruff is a prequel novelette and takes place a year before Dragons Don't Eat Meat.

Content Warning: click here for trigger warnings and heat levels.

Sneak Peek

The stranger and I stood ankle deep in rushing water and stared at each other. In the last of the day’s light, I finally saw his eyes. They were the silver-gray of my favorite cat’s belly. He licked rain from his lips, and finally spoke.

“It’s not safe here. There’s a storm coming.”

I shook my head and found my voice. “It’ll blow over. I’m not worried.” 

“Still, you shouldn’t be here.”

“Why not?”

“The runoff. It can cause flash flooding.”

Behind him, a satyr waggled his bare ass out the bridge window. I stifled a giggle.

“You think that’s funny? Floods can kill.” He frowned and I had the irrational urge to smooth the little crease that appeared between his brows. 

“I think it’s funny that we’re standing here getting soaked to the bone while a satyr moons us.”